Our Staff

The faculty at Cornerstone Preschool is made up of a talented and nurturing group of dedicated early childhood educators. 

Married, 4 kids, 2 black labs:  Holly & Molly. 25+ yrs of Early Childhood Ed. Love how honest kids can be.

Director of Cornerstone

Darlene Willard

As a art student in college, I love the creativity and artistic imagination of the preschoolers. Let's color!

Asst Teacher, Toddler Corner

Ms. Aline

Mother of 4 children.  20 years of  early education teaching experience:  pre-K, kindergarten, and 1st grade. 

Lead Teacher, Pre-K Corner

Mrs. Bron

Ms Kylie 1100x1100.jpg

Teaching experience:  PreK to 4th grade. I love how excited children are to learn & please those around them.

Teacher, 4's Class

Ms. Kylie

White Wonder.jpg

One of the Cornerstone teachers rescued me, and I'm part of her family.  I like to visit the kids here!

Occasional Visitor

White Wonder

Ms Jenniffer 1600x1600.jpg

Happily teaching here for 10 yrs.  My bunny, White Wonder, sometimes visits the preschool.

Lead Teacher, Toddler Corner

Ms. Jenniffer

Ms. Abby 1500x1500.jpg

Besides teaching preschool, I also care for seniors.  I enjoy the calm atmosphere in both places.

Lead Teacher, 3's Class

Ms. Abby

Ms Jolene 1600x1600.jpg

At Cornerstone for 5 years.  Love going on adventures with my young son.  Library & zoo fans!

Lead Teacher, Pre-K Corner

Ms. Jolene

Ms LisaS.jpg

Honored to be a small part of Cornerstone.  If only I had known about it when my sons were young!


Ms. Lisa

bunny Blue.jpg

I got named Blue even though I am actually white.  I hope to visit here when I grow up!

Teacher's Bunny


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